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Whether your company is a startup or a budding conglomerate, if you have employees, complaints can arise. Even companies with comprehensive employment policies and procedures can face complaints or worse, litigation. The more employees your company has, the higher the risk of a complaint with regard to hiring, firing, promotions, harassment, training, wages, and benefits, to name just a few. When a company waits to seek legal advice regarding an employee complaint, things can go from bad to worse. Not only your actions, but your communications can have disastrous results when responding to an employee complaint. For example, what begins as a discrimination complaint can easily and quickly evolve into a claim for retaliation, if not handled correctly the first time.

At Broening Oberg Woods and Wilson, our attorneys can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with employee complaints before they turn into an actionable offense. Even if a claim is unavoidable, our representation can provide tremendous value at the earliest stages. In many cases, employee complaints can be resolved before they ever leave the jurisdiction of administrative bodies, such as the EEOC.

Broening Oberg Woods & Wilson’s experienced litigators have defended employers from a variety of employee complaints. We will fight to protect your company’s legal interests, allowing you to focus on its continued success.