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Dani Chronister presents CLE on ABA task force for attorney well-being

On December 6, 2018, BOWW attorney Dani Chronister presented a CLE entitled The Current State of Attorney Well-Being and Recommendations for Positive Change.  The presentation focused on the 2017 National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being Report published by the American Bar Association and some of its surprising findings.  The goal of the task force and the CLE was to impart a realistic sense of the wellness red flags within the profession, as well as new ideas on how to combat those red flags in order to maintain a long and happy legal career.

Dani discussed the facts and figures set forth in the ABA’s Report, and then provided several strategies to improve overall wellness and mindfulness as it relates to life as a successful trial lawyer. Dani also discussed the importance of well-being as it relates to organizational success in law firms and the legal profession as a whole. Strategies to find a healthy work-life balance and to become an overall happier lawyer were also openly discussed, in part based on the book “The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law” by Nancy Levit and Douglas Linder. Lastly, Dani informed attendees of Time Magazine’s top 12 work-life balance tips that will make you a happier and more successful person, including exercising regularly, reducing caffeine intake and meditating. Fun fact: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer mediates every day!