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Author: Tyler


Jessica Kokal and Bobby Sullivan net an outstanding trial result

Jessica Kokal and Robert Sullivan finished a three-week trial in February 2023 that involved a number of unique procedural and legal issues.  The ultimate jury verdict against their client was just over 3% of the total damages requested, and less than the offer of judgment served several weeks prior to trial, resulting in entitlement to Rule 68 sanctions further reducing the judgment. …

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Presentation on recent trends in spoliation case law by Jessica Kokal and Jathan McLaughlin

On October 20, 2022, Jessica Kokal and Jathan McLaughlin presented on recent trends in spoliation case law and how these trends impact claims handling.  The presentation focused on how claims handlers who are the initial point of contact with policy holders can most effectively ensure that evidence preservation is ensured from the moment the claim is made through trial.…

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Alicyn Freeman, Jessica Kokal, and Jathan McLaughlin conducted a Deposition College

Alicyn Freeman, Jessica Kokal, and Jathan McLaughlin conducted a Deposition College for a Firm client on October 18 and 19, 2022.  This two day event led approximately 60 claim handlers through the deposition process, including preparation strategies, techniques for delivering accurate and effective testimony, and best claims handling practices to make depositions as stress free as possible.  Using actual cases as examples, Alicyn, Jessica, and Jathan engaged in mock depositions with clients and highlighted both effective strategies as well as areas for improvement.…

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Presentation on changes in spoliation law by Jessica Kokal and Jathan McLaughlin

On October 5, 2022 Jessica Kokal and Jathan McLaughlin presented on changes in spoliation law throughout the county.  Jessica and Jathan presented to approximately 25 attorneys, focusing on recent developments in which have placed more significant requirements on counsel to ensure their clients are preserving and producing all relevant evidence during litigation.  The presentation included a discussion of best practices for counsel to utilize to ensure a case in litigation does not get derailed by unnecessary discovery motion practice and discussed how to broach the sometimes prickly subject of discovery sanctions with their clients and the Court.…

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Don Wilson appointed to State Bar Ethics Advisory Group

The firm is pleased to announce that Don Wilson was recently appointed to serve on the State Bar Ethics Advisory Group.  The appointment is for a three year term, during which he will provide assistance to the State Bar and its members in the resolution of questions of professional ethics, including non-binding ethical guidance to and for the benefit of Arizona lawyers.…

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Jathan McLaughlin prevails in summary judgment

Jathan McLaughlin prevailed in a United States District Court lawsuit seeking over $20 million in damages against his attorney-client.  After litigating the case for over two years, Mr. McLaughlin obtained summary judgment in favor of his client as well as a favorable Daubert ruling which eliminated roughly $13.7 million dollars in alleged economic damages.…

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Tyler Abrahams wins summary judgment for business accused of aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty

Tyler Abrahams prevailed on summary judgment on behalf of a business client in U.S. District Court.  The lawsuit alleged that the the business client aided and abetted a breach of fiduciary duty of its employees when those employees terminated their prior company to join the business client. Tyler successfully argued the business client was unaware of the fiduciary duties owed by and among the employees to their former business, resulting in the client’s dismissal from the lawsuit.…

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