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Jason Kasting presents CLE regarding updates to Arizona Rules of Ethics

On March 11, 2019, BOWW attorney Jason Kasting presented a CLE entitled Arizona Ethics Refresh and Update.  The presentation focused on new and emerging topics and trends within the realm of legal ethics, in addition to providing an overview of updates to long-standing tenets of legal ethics.

Jason discussed technological competence in light of new technologies’ impact on the practice of law.  Subtopics included preventing inadvertent or unauthorized disclosures of client information or confidences, use of social media both affirmatively and defensively in civil litigation, e-discovery ethics, and ethics concerns that derive from metadata, cloud storage, and file sharing services.  Jason also discussed recent case law and ethics opinions regarding attorneys’ fees, confidentiality, and conflicts of interest.  Lastly, Jason led a case study that illustrated nuances and issues that may arise in representing businesses and other organizations through those organizations’ authorized representatives.