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John Quinn presents CLE on recent amendments to the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure

The Arizona Supreme Court recently adopted amendments to the rules of civil procedure governing matters filed on or after July 1, 2018 in Arizona state courts.  These amendments work together to expedite litigation by requiring the parties to meet during the early stages of litigation to discuss pairing down claims/defenses as well as other anticipated discovery disputes, placing an action into one of three discovery tiers each with its own discovery caps and total discovery deadlines (with the longest being 240 days), and strengthening the mandatory initial disclosure of relevant material requirements.  Finally, the amendments seek to achieve robust initial disclosure through a stronger and clearer mandate to impose sanctions under Rule 37 where in the court’s discretion it is warranted, both for failures to disclose relevant material and for abuses of discovery.  John Quinn recently presented to the firm regarding how to adopt firm-wide best practices to fit these comprehensive amendments.  John’s presentation can be viewed here.