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Starting a business can be a daunting task. Operating it is even more challenging. Our attorneys are there to assist the business entrepreneur or the established business owner with practical advice to meet the needs of the changing business market.

Entity Formation. Our attorneys will assist you in selecting the type of business entity that best suits the needs of your new business, and help with the preparation and filing of the paperwork needed to start a new business.

Owner Agreements. Our attorneys will advise you on the benefits of having an agreement between the owners of the business, and help you with responding to the unique needs of your business with an agreement that is an integral part of your business plan. These include operating agreements for limited liability companies and shareholder agreements for corporations.

Employment Agreements. Our attorneys will assist you in deciding whether a written employment agreement is appropriate, and if so, will help prepare an agreement that suits your business needs. This may include provisions relating to non-compete and other restrictive terms and conditions that might benefit your business.

Building Leases. A business needs a place to conduct its operations. Our attorneys will advise you on the various options available under a lease, and what you will need to do to comply with the various terms and conditions required by the landlord.

Financing. Every business needs capital to grow and sustain its operations. Our attorneys will assist you in reviewing and negotiating loan documents, equipment leases, and other types of financing you will need to keep your business moving forward. If the lender is requiring collateral or guarantees for your loan, our attorneys will assist in the negotiation of those other agreements as well.

Contract Negotiations. Whether you are buying a piece of equipment, entering into a service agreement, or establishing a business relationship with a supplier or a customer, our attorneys are there to advise you on the risks that you will want to address, and will help negotiate the terms and conditions of an agreement that meets your needs.

Purchase and Sale of a Business. You may have an opportunity to expand your business by acquiring another business. Or you may want to explore selling your business to someone else. Our attorneys are there to help you plan for the acquisition of another business or assist you in the sale of your business to someone else.

Succession Planning. Seasoned business operators know that succession planning is vital to preserving the value of the business. Our attorneys will listen to your needs, and help evaluate the options available for the transition of your business to others.

Business Divorce. Every business starts with great optimism about the future. Sometimes, those expectations are not fulfilled, and there is a need to re-align the business relationship. Our attorneys are there to help assess the current situation, and advise you on the options available to you, and help implement a plan that best suits your needs.

Health Care Services. Operating a business in the health care services industry can be very challenging. Our attorneys have experience in addressing the various legal challenges that a health care service provider encounters, and will help you navigate those legal issues, including Stark, Fraud and Abuse, and other state and federal laws.

Day to Day Operations. Sometimes the unexpected arises in the operation of your business. Our attorneys are there to provide you with practical guidance on how to best address those issues.