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John Quinn presents CLE on recent amendments to the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure

The Arizona Supreme Court recently adopted amendments to the rules of civil procedure governing matters filed on or after July 1, 2018 in Arizona state courts.  These amendments work together to expedite litigation by requiring the parties to meet during the early stages of litigation to discuss pairing down claims/defenses as well as other anticipated discovery disputes, placing an action into one of three discovery tiers each with its own discovery caps and total discovery deadlines (with the longest being 240 days), and strengthening the mandatory initial disclosure of relevant material requirements.  Finally, the amendments seek to achieve robust initial …

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Richard Chambliss prevails in a legal malpractice action

In June 2018, Mr. Chambliss successfully defended a legal malpractice action in which the plaintiff sought damages in excess of three million dollars.  The court granted summary judgment on the basis that ninety percent of the damages were precluded by lack of proximate cause. Plaintiff asserted damages through a quit claim deed and the same property interests had been previously conveyed fifty years prior.  The court granted summary judgment on the remaining damages because plaintiff’s expert had failed to offer an opinion that, “but for” the alleged malpractice, the outcome in the underlying action might have been different (i.e. the …

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Scott King succeeds in reinstating MD’s Board certification

Scott King, an experienced physician board defense attorney, achieved a truly career-altering ruling for his client .  After the American Board of Pediatrics revoked his client physician’s board certification, Mr. King worked diligently to guide his client through the appeals process and succeeded in having him reinstated to the Board this month.…

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Don Wilson, Jr. receives unanimous verdict on unjust enrichment claim

Don Wilson, Jr. obtained a unanimous defense verdict in favor of his client, a Phoenix-based law firm, on the firm’s unjust enrichment claim against its former clients. Prior to trial, Mr. Wilson obtained summary judgment in the firm’s favor on a legal malpractice claim brought by the firm’s former clients – a decision which was later affirmed on appeal. After a two and a half day trial on the unjust enrichment claim in which the firm sought to recover its fees and costs incurred in working for its former client, the jury unanimously awarded the firm more than Mr. Wilson …

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Donald Wilson, Jr. was selected by Southwest Super Lawyers as one of the Top 50 Arizona Attorneys in 2016

Donald Wilson Jr. was selected by Southwest Super Lawyers as one of the Top 50 Arizona Attorneys in 2016. Congratulations also to the other attorneys from the firm included in the Southwest Super Lawyer selections for 2016: James R. Broening, Terrence P. Woods and Robert T. Sullivan. Jathan P. McLaughlin and Alicyn M. Freeman were recognized by Super Lawyers as a 2016 Rising Star. …

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