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To a licensed professional, there is little that is more important than his/her reputation.  Yet, licensed professionals must always bear some risk of their conduct being called into question through litigation.  Broening Oberg Woods & Wilson understands the personal nature of these claims.  Lawyers, accountants, architects, real estate and insurance professionals, corporate officers and directors all face exposure on this front. Often, these cases arise from extremely complex transactions and business deals.


No matter what the precipitating factors might be, accusations of misrepresentation or poor conduct represent a potential threat for all kinds of law firms.  Faced with that unwelcome eventuality, many law firms and individual attorneys turn to our Professional Liability team. Our legal malpractice attorneys have been representing, counseling, and defending law firms and attorneys in legal malpractice matters for many years.  In the process, we have earned a strong reputation for our ability to take cases to trial and obtain verdicts favorable to the defendant.

Resolving professional liability cases in the best interest of individual defendants requires a legal defense team with a broad range of knowledge and a deep well of experience.  That is exactly what clients find in Broening Oberg Woods & Wilson’s Professional Liability team. Whether a professional liability client’s ultimate goal is seeing a trial through to victory or reaching a favorable negotiated settlement, our attorneys have the legal skills, industry-specific knowledge and background, and ethical grounding to make it happen.

Broening Oberg Woods & Wilson prides itself on its efficient, ethical, and effective representation of each and every one of its clients.  We also know that no amount of preparation, hard work, and responsibility can deter the risk of a legal malpractice claim.  The Professional Liability group offers clients a skillful defense in the event your practice and professional reputation are questioned.  With experience in areas of legal malpractice ranging from family law to patent law to criminal defense to commercial litigation, our firm uses an aggressive but compassionate approach to restoring the reputation of a broad range of lawyers who face these difficult situations.  We help our clients move past these claims and forward in their practices.